Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saint Valentine's Day

Words that flow like the mighty Tigris
Guided by the contours within my heart

To explain how I feel about my Love
Is to question why God made flowers

Happiness, joy, laughter, and beauty
Intellect, wit, skill, and charm

Paper cannot contain my love of her
She is all that I want; today and forever

Deep eyes see through me with a cooling calm
Pursed lips speak of truthfulness and loyalty

Shining hair combats the gloom of everyday
Skin that emits the beauty money cannot buy

Preeminent friend, companion, and lover
Devoted parent of little angels

Hold you when you’re sad; hold you when you cry
Be there for you in the up and always in the down

To You I dedicate my heart and soul
Make you happy, I will always try

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Refreshments, anyone?

I just love the song Banditos by the Refreshments. It reminds me of high school when all I had was time with my friends to waste however we saw fit. Oftentimes, this would mean doing nothing (at least to the casual observer). Adolescence is a hard time, but so is life in general. I can’t count how many times I thought how everything could be better if I could just pull off a big heist and run; run for the border and not turn back.

I guess that is what separates me from the common criminal; more planning. :) But you have to admit that it would be awesome to yell to your partner in crime as you are fleeing the scene ‘Meet me at the mission at midnight, we’ll divvy up there.’

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where do you go for comfort?

Ever have those times when you are feeling sad but don’t really know why? It could be something you or someone else said or did, perhaps something you saw or read. It doesn’t really matter, because you feel the same. The worst feeling in the world is to feel that way but alone. No one to hold, tell you they love you, and that you can get through this.

It is nirvana to think that someone is out there watching over us; wanting to ease our pain, help us through. Recently saw Ghost Town. This wasn’t the first time that I’d seen it. I still laughed at the funny bits but ‘felt’ more. I must be having a thing for the afterlife right now. I find it endearing that the dead want/need to heal those left behind before they can move on.

Maybe it’s because I’m a father now, but the parts with children especially get me. My kids are the best. I haven’t seen them for two weeks now but cannot imagine never being able to hold them or comfort them again. I guess that is the real message; try to live so that if you were to go tomorrow there would be no regrets. No unfinished business. The song playing by Mason Jennings is on the soundtrack; and I liked it.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ever Wonder What It Feels Like To Be Dead?

I am sure that at some point in everyone’s life they wonder what it is like on the other side. Is it nice; is there pain or suffering; do the dead wish they could be alive again? My wife introduced me to a series that ran in the early 2000s called Dead Like Me. The show follows a group of people who have died. But rather than move on to the afterlife, they are charged with performing the job of a reaper. Now, they don’t kill people but rather are there to take their souls when they are about to die. On the surface, the series is an off-hand comedic drama. But the more I watch (I got the first couple of seasons on DVD as a gift), the more I like it. There is depth that I did not expect. The characters are genuine and have real emotion as they try to navigate the ‘real’ world as undead people while keeping themselves apart from it.

At times, I even relate to them. This may sound weird as I am alive and not a reaper. But I feel the emotions that they express as the move through ‘life’. I wish sometimes life was as simple as a television script. But then where would the adventure be? At least I have this in the meantime. The series ran for about 4 years. In early 2009, a movie version of the show was released straight to DVD with an option to restart the show. No word yet on if that is to happen. But I highly recommend taking a look and questioning again…what is the afterlife really like?