Thursday, December 1, 2011

Not what you thought

This year we decided to create a memorable experience for Christmas. Traditionally, we get together with family, eat some food, and open presents. No family is coming into town and we are not visiting anyone for the holidays. The house is decorated and presents have been planned and purchased. Being Santa is one of the best jobs of a parent. But maybe it’s just because I love guile and deception. Either way it is fun.

There are surprises that you weren’t expecting and then there are surprises that you remember because of the extraordinary feeling/experience they caused. I come from a simple and basic existence. Not a lot to be had or done. My imagination was my best friend; and we played a lot. As a parent, I want more for my kids as I would assume is the goal of most people with children. It’s a fine line between giving them what they want and turning them into entitled and spoiled kids. Those are the kids that grow up and make difficult adults; old habits die hard.

Surprises are a way I like to dance on the line. You can satisfy a want or desire but with no expectation. Clearly this would not work in every scenario like going to the store or mall as usually you are there to buy something and kids know how to exploit opportunity. It’s like they can smell it and gives them drive. You think grocery shopping is difficult when hungry? Try doing it with a hungry child in tow; it complicates a simple shopping trip immensely.

Hope my two readers manage to enjoy the holiday season by whatever means suits them. And remember that being critical doesn’t mean that the other person is wrong but rather that you just wouldn’t do it that way and you enjoy noting the differences.