Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time to Rest

I wait for sleep
The escape from all I know
To a place that only I can go
Free to live, Free to explore
Worlds to create, Adventures to have
Places to see, Things to do

No boundaries, No limits, No rules
No expectations, No stereotypes, No fear
Existence is the playground of the mind

Awakening brings halt to the vision
Reality and Dreams cross
Confusion, Deja Vu; the daily special
The road may bend in the Distance
But for now...I wait for sleep

Friday, July 23, 2010


The Greek symbol Δ is often used to represent change in mathematical equations. It points the way to something different from where you previously were. I like experiencing things in different ways; in different places. The weather changes; fashion changes; social attitudes change. Variety is an essential part of keeping one’s sanity on the path of life.

But I don’t like when people change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the bully realizing what a douche he is and changing his ways or any other attribute that may have a negative effect on others. Sometimes the reluctance to change in one person has a changing effect in others; if for no other reason, then just to make life ‘easier’ or less confrontational. But after years of changing for others you wake up one day not knowing who you are and how/why you got to this place.

Recently saw the movie All About Steve. It’s a new movie around the same theme; we shouldn’t change who we are for anyone. We may change some of the things we do, but not who we are. One of my favorite lyrics by the late Michael Hutchence is ‘Don’t change for you, Don’t change a thing…for me.’