Friday, August 10, 2007

Golf in the desert

I am going golfing today. I am not quite sure why since it is supposed to be like 107. There I will be sitting on the fairway of the 8th hole. Did I mention that my tee time is at noon? There is a little method to this madness. It's called fiscal responsibility. Really, I am mostly just cheap. What else would I do with $20? I will enjoy 3 hours of sweating in the burning hot sun. It's not all that bad. Supposedly, someone from the clubhouse comes around with ice to refill your cooler (if you brought one), and you can find water every couple of holes. Of course, a local boy got sick just a couple of weeks ago from drinking from one of them. What's life without a little risk, right? My next post may be from a hospital bed. I could be laid up with a bacteria or parasite from quenching my insatiable thirst, nursing a pulled muscle (I am not a proficient golfer), or suffering from 3rd degree burns. Here's to having fun!