Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saint Valentine's Day

Words that flow like the mighty Tigris
Guided by the contours within my heart

To explain how I feel about my Love
Is to question why God made flowers

Happiness, joy, laughter, and beauty
Intellect, wit, skill, and charm

Paper cannot contain my love of her
She is all that I want; today and forever

Deep eyes see through me with a cooling calm
Pursed lips speak of truthfulness and loyalty

Shining hair combats the gloom of everyday
Skin that emits the beauty money cannot buy

Preeminent friend, companion, and lover
Devoted parent of little angels

Hold you when you’re sad; hold you when you cry
Be there for you in the up and always in the down

To You I dedicate my heart and soul
Make you happy, I will always try

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