Sunday, December 6, 2009

Water. My miracle drug.

I was totally bumming it this weekend; wearing old clothes, no shaving, and my last shower was Thursday night (yes, gross I know). Can't exactly explain my actions; but then again, should I have to? No big deal, but my wife was ready for the hiatus from clean to be over.

I love to drink. I will drink whatever is near me and usually lots of it; must be a modern camel-sort-of-person. But it is not unusual for me to have 3 to 4 refills of my drink when we go out to eat; 100+ ounces of H2O fall victim to my need each day at work; I always have a running cup of something near me in the house. My thirst is never satisfied; I can always have more. Bother or blessing, I'm not quite sure.

The days are long and hot in the desert. Working out drains the life juice from my body. Yard work is the anti-hydrant. Some people crave a cold soda (maybe diet), beer, lemonade, or their favorite cocktail. But I usually am most pleased with 32 oz of ice cold water; nothing better.

This afternoon, I decided it was time to get clean in a wet sort of way. There is something about a shower that does for my outside what a cold drink does for my tangible soul. The result was a refreshed me, a clean me, and definitely a better smelling me. Rejuvenation is a wonderful thing and I owe it all to my drug of choice; water. My wife has a saying, 'music washes from the soul the dust of everyday life' and I couldn't agree more. So, my ideal recharge would be a relaxing chair after a hot shower with a tall cold one by my side with transcending music filling my ears. Take me to my happy place :)

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