Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Benjamin Franklin was right

I get to travel around a bit for my job. It allows me to visit different businesses in my area as well as in others. I’ve been around for a little while, but still considered new within the group I work in. So, perhaps that gives me a varied opinion/perspective on things, i.e., not yet tainted.

I recently spent time at a location that I have worked at a few times before. This was a new, adventurous, aggressive work team. All modern design inside and out; marble floors, glass partitions, leather couches, plasma televisions, Otis Spunkmeyer, and fat salaries. The halls a buzz with activity, you could almost hear the money changing hands. Every possible space filled with talk of expansion and branching out.

This time was different. Offices were bare and staffing was sparse. The halls were empty, furniture gone. No longer was there laughter and boisterous talk. In their place, silence; just silence. Executives fired and staff let go, this is what death of a business feels like.

Everything that is born has to die. And that stands true even with commerce. Oh, and one more thing. You may get away with it for now, but when the GOVT gets a hold of you…it won’t be over ‘til you’re done.

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