Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not just another fat bird on the table

As the holiday of Thanks creeps up on me, I thought it only prudent to slow the pace of life just long enough to recognize what I’ve got.

I’m grateful for many things. I enjoy little things like q-tips, strike anywhere matches, wide-mouth soda cans, and free breath mints at restaurants. My life is made easier by combustion engineering, modern healthcare, democracy, supermarkets, and all things digital. I love music, art that stimulates my brain, organization, and free choice. Thankful for my job, freedom, a warm place to call home, the VW my wife bought 9 years ago, the right to make independent decisions. Lastly, the things that make my life worthwhile: knowledge of a loving God; my beautiful children, watching them enjoying life; my gorgeous wife, for knowing who I am but loving me anyway.

My life is held together by many little parts moving together for a common cause. I could live without some of those things and still get by (hey I survived the ‘90s with no internet or cell phones). But my family holds me together and gives meaning to my life. To them I give Thanks.

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Karen said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There are so many little things that make life great aren't there?

Just yesterday I was standing in line at the grocery store getting all impatient and pissed off until I realized that I actually have it pretty good. I only have to wait in line for a couple minutes to get a huge cart full of food. At least I don't have to wait in line for hours for one loaf of bread.