Saturday, October 24, 2009

Memories Betray

Parents misguided
Now the children all divided
Fabrication of reality was all that I knew
The sky was blue, sun was hot, Love was real
All lies

The walls came down, the roof fell in
My little heart died, time to be a man
Gone the sun, the fun, blue skies, and Love
My world on fire, me with no hose

The burns were bad, deep, and severe
Scars concealed by clothing and time
Never to heal or fade away
Hidden from the world, who shares no one’s pain
Only one who is close could know the truth

As I try to move on with Love of my own
The marks hold me back and get in the way
Hurting those who I care for
Those I swore to protect

Wish I could find a magical balm
To rid me of wounds that I carry inside
Broken promises, shattered dreams, meaningless Love

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