Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Appreciate...Emulate...Fascinate...Designate Your Love as Fate

So with everything that happened over Thanksgiving weekend I didn’t take a minute to declare my gratitude. I love my children. They frustrate me at times; but similar to what you may have heard it is worth it. To see their beautiful little faces running up to me when I get home from work, or their big smiles when playing games is enough of a payback. I may take that back when they get older, but for now…they are perfect.

I enjoy efficiency and convenience; the things that make my life easier: modern transportation, the huge array of electronics that fill our houses, progressive science. I am also thankful for the beautiful things in life; whether it is music, art, movies, poetry and prose, or nature. But all of these things loose their attraction without my best friend, lover, and companion to share them with.

My wife is the center of my support system. We have been married for a little over eight years now. I have to come to know her better over time; she is truly genuine and sincere. I awe at her ability to mind the kids day-in and day-out; often times with no break or help from me as I traveled for business. I have become even more aware of her value to me and her importance in my life. I love her dearly; wish to share our pain and laughter. And did I mention that she is gorgeous? The gods have been kind to me.