Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Devil's Party

So, I figured that it's close enough to Halloween to put some more appropriate music on my player. Come back often as the music is on shuffle, or just change the song manually to your favorite. I think that my favorite song on this playlist is the Ghostbusters theme track. It has that cool edgy 80s sound like so many Huey Lewis and the News hits. And that could be because it was basically a rip-off of their song 'I want a new drug'. It is a great movie; probably still one of my favorite Bill Murray performances.

I also enjoy The Nightmare Before Christmas. I am a fan of most Tim Burton films, but this is one of my favorites. Last year, my wife and I went to go and see the new 3D-version that was released in theaters. The film has taken on a bit of a cult following though. And for as much as I enjoy it, I still do not have a Jack Skellington t-shirt or hoodie; but I'm thinking about it. LOL

So, however you plan on celebrating Halloween this year, have fun and keep it political. No, seriously, my wife and I were contemplating going as Sarah Palin and John McCain; she's got the look and just needs a wig and I can wear a suit, flap my arms like chicken wings, and say 'My friends'. Happy Halloween!

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