Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Can Hippie. Can You Hippie?

I’ve been, I’ve seen, and I’ve smelled. The hippie way of life has something to it. But the biggest thing that appeals to me is the simplicity of it all. My life (or city life) is pretty complicated.

They walk, bike, and love their Subarus. Really. I have never seen signs on the doors of a bank that say ‘No bikes allowed’. Usually they say ‘No shirt, no shoes, no service’, or ‘No weapons allowed’. The other unusual sign is ‘Leave your pipe at the door’. No, I made that one up. But maybe that is the secret to the carefree and laidback attitude that so many hippies tend to have. I hear the home-grown is best, but keep watch for the Federales.

Everyone that I ran into was so helpful and friendly. Now some of this may come from the small town stereotype and coming from a large city it stands out to me more; I am not really sure. But it was a nice change. Cars slow down and wait for you to cross the street; strangers hold the door for you. I get tired of the bitchy ‘I’m better than you and I’m going to show you how’ attitude. People are different; some are smarter than others and definitely more so than I; others make more or less money at the jobs/careers that they have chosen. Does this really have to mean that we can’t get along and even have to be curt and rude to each other? I saw a bumper sticker today that sums it all up. ‘Don’t worry…Be Hippie’.

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