Monday, October 27, 2008

Love, Amour, Liebe, Amore.

No matter how you say it, it means the same thing. Love is one of the more complex emotions. It doesn’t always manifest itself in the same way. It can mean different things to different people in different circumstances. Within the realm of ‘love’ there are many levels of love that one exhibits towards others. For example, you love your pet, your car, your kids, friends, and favorite food, your significant other.

Love for me is the feeling that you have for that special someone. You know that they make you happy. You see them and can’t help but smile. It is hard to explain. She is like the drug that you always want to have; you look forward to your next fix. When you want a late night snack, they’re there to share it with. Love is knowing that you have someone to hold on to during the tense moments of the latest thriller film and someone’s hand to hold when the tender parts feel close to your heart. Love means breakfast in bed; slow passionate kisses; spending time with your best friend; talking about nothing in particular but enjoying every minute of it; a hug after a long day; laughing at the world and how crazy it seems sometimes; feeling that you are the only two people in a crowded restaurant.

Certain endorphins are released when you are in love. It may be difficult to prove that people who have love in their life live longer. But would you really want to be part of the control group? Something that feels that good can’t be bad. People in love tend to be happier and patient. For love means patience. The Beatles said it best, ‘All we need is love’.