Thursday, May 23, 2013

I like to move it, move it!

I believe that music is one of the strongest forces that exists.  Music has been a part of human existence for longer than records date.  The right melody has the power to calm, excite, motivate, and soothe you.  The interesting thing is that not everyone likes the same genre(s) of music.  Even within the same kind of music, one artist or even a particular song may not ‘speak’ to you the way it does to someone else.  But nevertheless the power is there.  Messages sung transform the words from script to magic. 

I’ve liked a lot of music in my life covering most genres (sorry Country still no love here).  And over the years, I’ve collected my arsenal of favorites.  There are tracks that get me moving and pumped for whatever is coming my way.  Those that I turn to when times are tough or I’m feeling down and discouraged.  There are the ‘feel good’ songs that I can never tire of and there are those that truly touch me deep down inside.  Those are the power songs.  The ones that not only influence your emotions but motivate you to do something.  I feel that for me, these songs tend to have themes of self-empowerment.  They tell me to be who I am, act how I feel, use my voice, and stand for what I believe.  These songs come to me from artists as varied as Rage Against the Machine, INXS, the Cranberries, Mackelmore, and Enya.  I hate to conform just for conformity’s sake.  Every action takes an effort; make them count…for you. 

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