Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Moment of Silence

Pennsylvania Ave is a cold place in January. But not even the sub-freezing temperatures keep Americans from speaking their mind. Everywhere you go in Washington, D.C. you’ll find someone who’s not happy with something and they’ve got a sign to tell you about it. This morning was no different as I passed the White House. As I kept on walking, I came around to the Vietnam Memorial. There were very few people; it was quiet; I took my time. As I passed the sections of the memorial, I was astounded at the sheer number of names I saw. I have an uncle who served in Vietnam; he was lucky enough to make it back. But his experiences over there changed him forever; not in a good way.

A guide says that the names are placed within their respective units on the wall; with no regard to rank, age, or race. Having heard stories from those who have served and seeing countless war movies, I get the idea that the ‘brotherhood’ that is always portrayed is no BS but the real thing. You rely upon and trust your family; whether at home where it’s safe or in a far away place where it’s not. They were brothers.


Allison Claire said...

I remember when I saw that for the first time. It is very humbling. I do wish I was there to see it with you. :)

Steven said...

Thanks Babe. It would be fun, but it is very cold. :)