Monday, August 10, 2009

I thought shoes were supposed to just protect your feet

One particular day, I realized that the only casual shoes I owned were a pair of old fitness shoes and a grubby pair of leather and canvas shoes that had helped me cut the grass a few too many times. This was not a dilemma, not by any means, but rather an observation of a situation that required attention…sometime.

When the time came to get a new pair I had many choices to make. But one decision ruled them all; function or fashion. I chose function due to the practicality of having a shoe that met a need and possibly may look good. So now to ‘shop’. I hit a few select web sites known for shoe deals. Filtering my search results by size and price, I have a winner. And you know what? They don’t look half bad, for shoes that are meant to benefit mostly my feet. A few clicks later and the deal is done.

In my section of the closet, there are a few pairs of shoes. And they all serve a purpose; fit a particular need. A pair of old burgundy Dr Martens serve as the staple for my work wear, sometimes supplemented by a black pair of Nunn Bush with a thick sole. There is a pair of brown boots for when I ride the motorcycle, Sensi flip-flops for the heat, and a few other pairs of ‘oldies’ that never got thrown out when their replacements arrived.

On the other side of the closet, my wife has her collection. She doesn’t necessarily own expensive shoes, but they are many. I’ve been with her shopping for footwear before. It is very different from my experience. Her motivation/goal is a certain look and color combination. I admire her talent for finding the right pair. For her, the shoes may be the finishing accessory to an outfit or its whole inspiration. And she, like many women I assume, suffers for the shoes. It may be muscle soreness, calluses, or even blisters but she always looks great.

I could take lessons from her. I am slowly allowing my conversion to a better dresser; jeans and t-shirts everyday are out. Perhaps one day I will even wear the correct footwear for my apparel choices; but let’s not be hasty.

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