Monday, January 12, 2009

From the belly of a dragon

So, I am off on another trip for work. This time it is in Trinidad, CO. I am bummed about the fact that it is snowing with highs in the 40s this week. This is the time of year that people ‘like’ living in Arizona; this week the daily temps are to be in the low 70s. Oh well, at least it is to be a short trip of only four days.

Normally, my trips to the airport include waking, finishing a little last minute packing, driving to a park and fly type lot, waiting and riding the shuttle to the airport, and then the standard routine of checking-in, security, and the gate. I decided to try something different this week. I scheduled a pick-up with Super Shuttle. Other than being at the airport earlier than I would personally arrive, I have been pleased with the service.

The chance to ride mindlessly to the airport in the midst of going-to-work traffic is one that I can’t pass up. You may not know this about me, but I am about 800 calories and a bad morning playlist away from becoming a road rage predator. No, not really but I do have the tendency to get ‘frustrated’ with other drivers that obviously did not pass drivers education on their first try. Haha.

Anyway, I was in the shuttle riding to pick up my fellow passengers enjoying the cool dark morning. The first co-passenger boarded. As I was sitting in the middle bench, he opted for the rear. He quickly started a conversation about his travels back east, which he was planning again this morning. He was a pleasant older gentleman wearing a golf cap. However, I was put off by his breath. Not good. I was on the verge of offering him gum or a mint when we stopped to pick up our third and final passenger. A well-trimmed older gentleman carrying a small leather duffle bag hopped in the back seat with passenger #2. As we pull away, he begins small talk with his bench buddy. Only one problem, he has worse smelling breath than #2. For the next 20 minutes, I try to hold back the gag reflex that is in full operation by this point. Upon exiting the van, I breathed heavily. The faint smell of stale cigarettes and dust that exist outside the airport terminals was welcome to my senses.

Now I know that dentures and other oral prosthetics can cause bad breath, but isn’t good hygiene important to everyone? Anyway, I vow to try my best to have acceptable breath and by no means bring anyone to the brink of losing their lunch because of my gut vapors. Hey gum is sugar-free these days…chew on.

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