Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Realization

There are very few things that I hate. Hate is such a strong word and in its literal sense means to have intense feelings of dislike. If your feelings were water, then hate would be that point where the temperature is such that water ceases to be and it becomes vapor.

I took a little walk to the local grocery to pick up a few things that I was in need of. My experience was of the typical sort while searching out my items; walking the aisles encountering others who were on missions similar to my own. Having satisfied my list, I headed to the checkout. I was in no rush and the lines were short, so I patiently waited my turn. The patrons that waited with me were of all demographics; kids, adults, families, individuals.

Just before I was to take to the cashier, I noticed a young child of about 5 in the next stand with his parents. He was being 5; perhaps a little loud but not running around or taking things off of shelves. The mother was at ends with him. I could hear them struggle as she ‘tried’ to quiet her son; to tell you the truth she was making more noise screaming for him to stop. Then she began to spank (more like near beat) him. Then he was crying; not the ornery or sad cry but the pained kind. You parents out there know what I mean.

I finished up my business and exited the store behind them. I felt for this kid. I watched the mom ‘escort’ the boy into the backseat of their car, yelling at him the whole time. I hate how she acted. I hate her husband's cowardice. She is a pathetic excuse for a parent. He is a spineless sperm donor of a dad. Having kids isn’t easy. We have two; a five year old and a three year old. But if you aren’t willing to do the best you can then just put on a condom. Isn’t it interesting that we require people to pass a test so that they can drive a car or go to college, but anyone can be a parent? Some things just don’t make sense.

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