Sunday, September 21, 2008

You Are Where You Have Been

I just finished reading Fugitive Pieces, by Anne Michaels.[1] This is a recommended read. This book explores the history of a boy whose outlook on life is redirected by events related to the Second World War. Two things that I especially liked about this book: first, this author is a poet taking her first voyage into the world of noveldom; second, the characters are real. Now, it should be made obvious that the book is based on actual proceedings. Consequently, some of the nitty-gritty of certain events is included.

But one thing about this book is that I actually ‘felt’ for the lead character. Although it may be a stretch to correlate, my life was greatly shaped by events in my childhood. Granted we are all products of our upbringing and all that comes with that. But when some to most of your early memories are painful or melancholy ... it is different. Not to disappoint, the character does go on to lead a good life. But the story doesn’t end there, so don’t let this review stop you from picking up a copy.

For everyone that has moments/memories in their past that they would like to change (myself included) but can’t, this book is a refreshing “kick-in-the-face”. Your life is only what you make of it. It has been said that your life plays out and that you can only make the day-to-day decisions that define the path. This book makes me think that this view is flawed. It negates to account for the major decisions that we make. We consciously make the decisions that direct our futures. It is the day-to-day events that are difficult to control. So, do not attempt to forget or cover-up what has happened in your past for it has made you who you are today. But make your decisions today based on where/what you want to be tomorrow. I will.

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Allison Claire said...

I am glad you liked the book. :)