Monday, August 18, 2008

A teenage misnomer, but funny just the same

So, for all my sexually active readers I finally have a post! I told you that it was coming (no pun intended). We've all heard (maybe some even experienced) about the guys who use the line that they are 'going to explode' if they don't Get It On. Personally, I know how they feel but don't know where the 'blue ball' terminology came from, or how it even translates. Well, I now have the answer! I would like to take credit for this discovery, but it was not me. Dr. Jeffrey Kaufman (they're all doctors, didn't you know?), President of the American Association of Clinical Urologists had something to say about this. Take a read.

'Infamously, a man can experience dull pain in the pelvis when a sexual act is cut short prior to climax. The condition known medically as pelvic venous engorgement: “As the male body prepares for orgasm, one of the physiologic parameters is the increase of blood flow in the pelvis. When you’re stimulated to the point that you should be reaching orgasm—and, for whatever reason, you’re prevented from reaching it—there is pelvic engorgement of the blood vessels in the pelvis.”
That fullness in the veins leads to the ache. Contrary to what one may have guessed based on a schoolyard education, the pain doesn’t result from backed-up seminal fluid in the testicles (in fact, the testes are responsible for only about 1 percent of the ejaculate’s makeup). So why would testes in such a state be referred to as “blue” in the vernacular? Maybe they’re just sad.'

For all the dudes out there, Don't Be Sad.