Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mile High City

Sometimes I travel for work. It has it's good and bad points. This week I am in Denver for a couple of days. Instantly, upon arrival, I am greeted with the crisp coolness of mountain air. The city seems to have a beat of its own. There is music coming from store fronts and the smell of street vendors. People have a type of spring in their step as they listen to their favorite tune on an iPod. Then it begins to rain. Those that I'm with are bummed. 'It's so dark outside,' and 'I can't go out in this' is about all I hear. A coworker and I brave the rain to go to lunch. Do you ever miss playing in the rain when you were a kid? Perhaps you never did, but can you imagine it? Who cares if you get a little wet? With a few exceptions, your clothes will just dry and that's it. It's a rejuvenating feeling. I wish sometimes that we had a little more precipitation where we live. But I guess that the grass is always greener.

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