Thursday, May 31, 2007

Are you that person?

Do you ever feel like you are the only sane person that you know? Or maybe that at least one person is definitely just off? Whenever you are in a group that is organized of people not of your own choosing, it is almost guaranteed that there will be that one person. You know them. They seem like they are trying, but just don't get it. Their personality seems to rub with everyone else in the group. Why are they still here? I ask myself. I usually don't have a good answer. I happen to be in a group right now working on a 'special project'. My person, lets call her Jane, has been with the company for nearly 15 years. Perhaps that is the first clue into what she is. Anyhow, she somehow has an answer for everything. Regardless of the topic, she has to provide information that may or may not be relevant. Jane considers herself to be an expert on all topics. Not only that, but all her comments have to include cliches. For example, when we were finished for the day and leaving the building, she said 'Same Bat-Time tomorrow?' Perhaps that shouldn't annoy me that much, but after 9 hours in a room with someone trying to add comic relief that isn't comical I get a little edgy. We all have to analyze the groups that we are in and determine who that person is. Usually, tolerance is the best option. And if for some reason you look at everyone and can't determine who 'that person' just might be you!

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