Saturday, August 21, 2010

Struggling or Set?

Sometimes the most interesting person in a group is the one still trying to ‘make it’. Everyone probably knows someone like that. They are the one that works random jobs so they can focus on becoming an actor, painter, sculptor, craftsman, or musician. They pop-up from time to time, as their adventures bring them through their home towns. Never quite sure if tomorrow will bring the big break or recognition that they need.

But somehow I envy them. To have something that you enjoy and are passionate enough about that you are willing to risk everything else. Hours after hours are spent in pursuit of only becoming better at the one thing that you know you were meant to do. And the satisfaction is in what you produce. The thing that you complete is yours; it came from you. If only we all could harbor that type of enthusiasm for our ‘work’ and pleasure; to be a struggling artist.


Anonymous said...

You are describing Russell. He now lives on the beach at Longbeach, Ca. He has cut 4 cd's and tours in the Spring and Summer. He sent us a tape of the thing she thought we might like. It is easy listening. He is currently doing many odd jobs but waiting for his break.
How are you? Hope you can get more home time. Love Mom

Karen said...

I've never had the burning desire to do any one thing and envy those who do. Maybe it'll kick in when I'm old?