Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Green Gold Deep In The Ground

I like pickles. I like them sweet, dill, small, large, sliced, and whole (but mostly sweet). I don’t know when my love affair actually began. Pickles were always a thing in my house growing up. This is a little odd as we never had much money and pickles are for the most part a standalone condiment. That aside, there they were in the fridge. I remember sneaking the sweet ones when I thought that no one else was looking. They always seemed a little like dessert, probably due to their high sugar content, kind of like sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving.

Now as an adult, I get to choose if I want pickles, what kind, and of course when. It is fun to see how excited even my kids get when sweet pickles are mentioned. It must just be in their blood. But one thing I never did understand: why are sweet pickles made of smaller cucumbers and dill pickles of the larger ones? I guess it’s just another mystery in the mysterious world of condiments.

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Karen said...

Never have been able to get myself to like sweet pickles. And I never thought about there not being any large size sweet pickles. Odd. Though from my exerience, it's probably a good thing. Tiny's taste so much better! :D