Monday, September 21, 2009

Fresh Blood

It’s been more than a year since our neighbors left. They went under a cloud of drug suspicion, rattle snake hoarding, mistreating rottweilers, and general lack of concern for their children’s well being. The home was trashed and foreclosed. Two investors and another foreclosure later, we have new neighbors.

It will be good to have someone next door. They seem like nice people from the brief meeting we had. Unfortunately, they’ve already had a mishap. While waiting to close on their house, they began moving stuff in but only into the garage. Someone had access to the realtor’s cipher lock on the door. They got into the garage and took a dish washer, and new washer and dryer. We met them as they came over to ask if we had seen anything that day; not exactly ideal circumstances under which you want to meet someone.

It’s good to see some real estate activity in our area; even if there is another at least two vacant homes on our street. Maybe the economy will pick up quickly and people will once again begin their pilgrimage to the valley of the sun; or not.


Allison Claire said...

You are not going to mention that you stalk them? :P

Steven said...

I thought that was a given. lol