Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Takin’ back the yard

Summer is here; it’s hot and relentless but does little to retard drought tolerant plants and trees. So this summer, we decided not to keep the summer grass. Last year we watered, mowed, and edged. But the summer grass in Arizona is similar to ‘crab grass’ other places. The blades of grass are broad and rough. And did I mention that it grows at even the thought of any humidity? It wasn’t nice to play on for the kids so we didn’t do it this year. With that, I assumed that we wouldn’t have much yard care in the backyard this summer as there are only a couple of other bushes and two palm trees. I was crazy wrong!

First let me say that the house next door has been vacant for over a year. The backyard is completely filled with weeds of every sort. Recently they have even been spotted higher than our 6 ft block fence. So you can imagine; put that yard next door with a little wind, a little rain, and us out of town for almost 3 weeks. Yeah, a real disaster and the grass is growing but only in the rocks around the yard.

So, my mission is to regain control over Mother Nature; at least in our yard. It’s not easy (but yard work never is) because it will still be 100 degrees after the kids go down at 8pm. I’m sticking to working when at least the yard is in the shade. A hundred is better in the shade than in the sun; trust me. With any luck, this week will give me enough time in the evenings to get it done. Time to retake the jungle.

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