Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ed, where did you go?

Chicago is a beautiful place. It is my perfect combination of big city and space. I love walking the streets with lots of other people that are all going their separate ways. Even though I don’t know them and probably never will, this proximity gives me a better feeling of society. Much different from the desert where the only place people walk is at the mall.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit this great city several times and never get tired of it. The office where I work is in the financial district across from the Chicago Board of Trade and overlooks Lake Michigan. But the coolest thing is that out the window you can see Buckingham Fountain. My first introduction to this site was through a well written sitcom starring the incomparable Ed O’Neill. I watched Married With Children when my parents weren’t watching as a kid. Perhaps this is why I’m so messed up. Haha. I think that my upbringing did more than any television show could ever hope to do. Anyhow, today seeing the fountain got me thinking about the show and Ed specifically.

Many shows have tried to follow the same line of the dysfunctional family covering controversial topics along the way but none have hit me in the same way. I’ve seen Ed in various roles since the show went off the air in 1997 but nothing has brought him back in the iconic way that he managed to obtain in his role as Al Bundy. Until that day comes, I’ll keep watching the reruns.

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