Saturday, March 7, 2009

Freaky, weird, but I liked it.

So, I was listening to the radio this week. The local station does a ‘flash back’ hour of music from the 90s every afternoon. Note: It is sad that music I listened to in high school is now considered part of a flash back playlist; heavy sigh. During this particular jump backwards in time to when I had little responsibility and littler money, I heard a Marilyn Manson song, The Beautiful People. Brian Warner, as he is known without his makeup, is a bit confused and definitely messed up. But there was something about his music that I truly enjoyed. Now granted at during the same time, I was also liking the music of bands such as NIN, Rage Against the Machine, and Rammstein. This is proof that adolescence is a time of raging hormones and mood swings. I still like to hear the stuff from time to time, but can’t ever imagine it playing on an ‘oldies’ station when my kids are grown. lol

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