Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, it is Christmas time already. It has been raining here, so I guess you could say that we’ll have a ‘wet Christmas’. Yeah, not so glamorous or desirable as a ‘white Christmas’ but it is the best Mother Nature can do in the desert. However, stepping into our house you would think that you were at any house beautifully embanked by snow and the clear cold winter nights that are so common this time of year in many parts of the country. I can take no credit for it is all because of my wife’s doing; she is the decorator and mastermind behind the coordination in our lives.

I try to steer away from the mushy stuff. But I am thankful for my family and that I will be able to spend a few days with them over the holidays. My in-laws are in town (which can always be interesting) and we have some great activities planned with out little kids. Ahhh, to be a child; filled with that insatiable excitement for Santa Clause, presents, and all things Christmas that are not part of the daily routine. Merry Christmas to all you out there; and may you enjoy your holiday wherever your travels take you.

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