Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blood, Sex, Rock 'n Roll

So a big couple of days! First let me start with my little girl. Yesterday was her first day of kindergarten. Now, let me tell you that she loves school. No, really! This is her third year in some sort of formal schooling. Granted the other two were forms of preschool, but none the less she craves knowledge. She loves to find out how things work and of course why. She also has a passion for wanting to experience different things. I believe this comes from her mom. My wife is an exciting person to be around. She always has a different take on people, events, and life in general. It is one of the things that I love about her, and my little girl too. So, she had a full-day of kindergarten and was totally cool about it! I do have to admit that from what my wife tells me, she was a little stressed out about the whole change in routine. But she took it like a rock star. Cute, organized (again thanks to my wife), and energetic. I'm glad that you loved your first day, sweetie. I hope that you have many more just like it. Daddy.

Now, to the blood. So my sensitive readers may want to look away for a moment. But I guess since you are reading this that won't really help. Oh well. So I am in Los Alamos, NM this week. For those who aren't familiar it is where the first atomic bomb was designed and built. Yeah, it's that cool and scary. The national laboratories are still functioning, but no longer open to the public for tours. Not since 9/11. The elevation here is above 7500 ft! So today, I'm at work and feel a little light-headed after lunch. I head for the washroom. No kidding, as soon as I opened the door I had a gushing bleeding nose! Not just a dribble, drop, or run but all out gushing. Immediately, the sleeve and front of my dress shirt were spotted with the marks of life. It didn't stop either. I went through probably half a roll of toilet paper. You ever had a bleeding wound or nose that didn't seem to stop in a timely manner and you think to yourself 'I'm going to bleed to death'? Well, this wasn't one of those moments. But it did bleed for a while. Once I had it under control, I had to wash my shirt. Fortunately, no one noticed that my shirt was significantly wet when I reentered the room. But would they really notice, even if I wasn't wearing pants? I don't think so. The funny thing about blood, at least mine, is the smell. It almost has an iron smell to it. You know, the smell of like light rust. The same smell you sense if you suck on a penny. Not that I've done that, but that's what I hear. Don't bleed if you don't have to.

Now for the sex. Yes, I know that you have been reading this whole post waiting for this moment. What juicy detail is he going to write about? A recent fling, incident, or mishap? No. Sorry, no sex here. But it worked so nice into the title that I couldn't just leave it out. Don't be disappointed. Maybe next time.

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