Thursday, May 22, 2008

Midlife Awakening

So, I just turned 30. Yep, I am officially no longer a kid. Well I guess that happened a long time ago but that is another story. My wife would say that I have acted 30 for a while. I am not convinced. My next big move to further establish my youngness is to purchase a motorcycle. Yes, I finally got my wife to agree to let me buy one. If you are thinking, what you don't need 'permission' to do something, you are your own man. Well, I am here to tell you (along with every other married man) that the opinion or sanction of your wife is required prior to any major decision. Sure you can be the man and just do it. And some would say that it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission. This may be true in most situations or relationships, but not with your significant other. She will not let it down, period. Every time that you want to use the thing that you bought or bring up anything related to it, she will remind you that it was not part of a co-op agreement. And you may risk her being her own woman and coming home with a bag full of clothes, new jewelry, or a new man. This is no exaggeration. It has been done and will be done again.

I am so lucky to have someone that understands me. She loves me and lets me do most of what I want. But I still haven't received the okay to skydive. Maybe that will be next... or not. So some may call my getting a motorcycle a pre-midlife crisis, but I say not. It is simply one person realizing that this is something that the person they care about the most wants and letting them do it. This post is for you Babe. I love you.

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